Stihl hle 71 how to extend blade

HLE 71, HLE 71K. English. 1 section (wire gauge) of extension cords meets the minimum . the blades with STIHL resin solvent from time to time during. High performance Watt electric long-reach hedge trimmer with ° cutting tool. This provides a large working range and is suitable for vertical cutting at a distance from the hedge. HLE 71 K Electric long-reach hedge trimmer with short shaft. Integrated cut protection, small hand guard, mechanical blade brake, single- sided cutting blades and strain STIHL HLE 71 Electric Long-reach Hedge Trimmer.

Stihl HLE 71 Pole Hedge Trimmer is a great light weight hedge trimmer with an Stihl Electric Long Reach Extended Hedge Trimmer mm Cutter Blade. The Stihl HLE 71 K long reach hedge trimmer has a shorter shaft than it HLE 71 The shorter K versions with extended grip tube are handy tools for working on. electric long reach telescopic pole hedge trimmer with blade stihl hle 71 k trimmer extended phenomenal kiam 2 in 1 and pruner stihl hle 71 k powered, long.

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