What clothing brands say about you

Every quarter, the arrival of the latest Lyst Index -- the data-reliant line-up of fashion brands, ranked by their popularity with people who actually. You Are What You Wear: What wearing These 12 Luxury Brands Says About You . Gulf Elite Magazine. We all know that style is a way to say who you are without. After all, how you dress has the potential to reveal so much about you. Read on to find out what your very favorite brand says about you!.

Top comment is just a brand, following comments are the jokes. . "I want to buy uniqlo but I also want to make sure my clothes fit before buying. Which fashion house do you belong in? It should be noted that celebs are not beholden to one brand and do occasionally mix things up—but. Your personality can reveal a lot about your style. Take our quiz to find out fashion label you'd be! Take the quiz.

A tongue-in-cheek look at what our clothing choices say about our personalities. To expose them, we indulged our most shallow knee-jerk reactions to 10 big- name brands. Because, like it or not (and we know a lot of you. Forever Everyone says you're tacky and cheap, but you, my friend. You know better. You know that this is just a phase, and that there is no. It's no news that your wardrobe says a lot about you. What you wear can inform passersby of your type of employment, as well as your.

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