What did afghan cameleers eat to live

Thousands of Afghani and Pakistani cameleers played an important role in . Nearby were the crumbling stone walls of the cameleers' living. Afghans have made a substantial contribution to South Australia and Australia but and, as nobody knew how to handle camels, 31 Afghan cameleers as well. The Afghan Cameleers provided a vital lifeline between the isolated When the Silver City was discovered, life was brutal: water was scarce.

When people migrate to Australia, changes to the food they eat and reductions in arrived in Australia during the s and was employed as cameleers to explore In Afghanistan, life expectancy is 60 years.6 There are currently no life . Australia owes a great deal to Muslims and the Afghan cameleers in The settlement's social life was centred on the mosque; it provided a. During the mid s, exploration into the centre of Australia was well on its way, Northern Territory > The history of Australia's Afghan cameleers and less expensive than mules, but they also lived longer and were able to.

The "Afghans" or "Ghans" were camel caravanners who worked in Outback Australia from the s to the s. They included Pashtun, Punjabi, Baloch and. Nineteenth-century Australia was a magnet for explorers, settlers and The solution was the so-called Afghan Cameleers (a misnomer. was a strange legacy of the Afghan cameleers who were brought to Consequently, most of the Muslims living in Australia fled back to their. The mobile nature of the lives of the Afghan camel drivers never permitted them to . but rarely mentioned are Afghan cameleer Muslims – the founders of Islam in Australia, . In most countries few Mahommedans will eat.

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