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Top definition. foxunknown Kathy had a date with a fox last night. "The little gray fox narrowly avoided being hit by a car." Friend: What does the fox say?. The song revolves around their curiosity of the sound of the fox, but is portrayed through hilarious animal-costumed singers/actors and creepy Top definition Guy 1: Yoo friends, did you see that crazy video on youtube Crazy like a fox means an act that appears foolish but is actully shrewd and stating "remember our mistake with the fox", or, "do not assume this is true".

Not refurring to a fox itself but is instead o young and beautiful women. Duriving from the ancient british word of Foxismonitism, meaning attractive or sexually. Top definition. fox Q: What does the "FOX" stand for in "FOX NEWS"? Fox News is only good for laughing at the bullshit those worthless Republicans like to . The face of a fox. 3. Top definition. fox Hey Fox Face, i'm going to fox face you untill you look like fox face. Fox Face, y do u look at me like that, u grillin me.

Top definition. stone cold foxunknown. Some one who is really hot or "super fine" someone who is cute or gourgous or good looking. an attractive person. Top definition. Fox Denunknown. 1. Noun -A wooden shed full of mysteries and wonders · The Fox Den was full with 30 coors lights at the beginning of the day. a girl who is not only foxy but she is a foxy fox she has many men chasing after her Top definition omg foxy fox is soooo good *dripples*. Guy 1: I really liked American Pie Reunion. Guy 2: Man, that movie was Fox 5. Guy 1: What does that mean? Guy 2: It was bullshit. #fox 5#fox five#fox#five#5.

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