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What about organic milk? It comes from cows that were fed organic feed and were not given hormones or certain types of medications for illness. Both organic . 'So what is the difference between organic milk and non-organic milk then? ' he asked. 'Ooooowww you've got me there mate, ' I replied in a manner that la. Pregnant women who switch to 'healthier' organic milk may be putting the brain development of their unborn babies at risk, experts have claimed.

Fonterra said it would expand its organic milk business to meet growing demand. Fonterra is cutting back on organic milk as the global financial crisis and changing consumer preferences depress demand for the product. CHRISTCHURCH - The British market for organic milk is soaring, says Anchor Milk field officer Shane Lodge, who has just returned from a three-week study tour.

While the large operations say they're meeting U.S. Department of Agriculture standards for organic milk, the smaller farms say federal. Organic milk at Open Country Dairy's Awarua plant. 10 Dec, pm Start -up for the new Matuara Valley Milk plant has been exemplary. Advertisement. The brand best-known for its icecream and cheese has launched an organic milk range sourced from a single farm. Kapiti says its newest.

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