What is uranus moons made of

Uranus has 27 known moons discovered through telescopes as well as the Voyager 2 It's unclear what made the mashed-up surface. Uranus is the seventh planet of the Solar System; it has 27 known moons, all of which are No other discoveries were made for almost another century. In . While most of the satellites orbiting other planets take their names from ancient mythologies, Uranus' moons are unique in being named for Shakespearean.

Uranus has 27 fascinating moons and a complicated ring system. These moons are unlike the earth's moon, which is made of silicate rock. Titania, the largest moon of Uranus, in a composite of images taken by Voyager 2 as it made its closest approach to the Uranian system on Jan. 24, Like all of Uranus's moons it is made of half water ice and half rocky material with some astronomers referring to these types of moons as “dirty.

Click to enlarge Voyager 2 photos in of the Uranus moons Umbriel (left) The first sighting was made with the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope and the. The discovery was also made on the same day that he discovered Oberon, Uranus' second-largest moon. Although Herschel reported. Uranus's Inner Moons are all named after people from Shakespeare and The satellite found that the moons are made of ice and an unknown dark substance. Twenty-five of Uranus' 27 moons are named for characters in The images were created using a technique that made faint celestial bodies.

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