What not to wear to an interview

First impressions are key to landing a job. Learn what not to wear when you go to a job interview, and what you should wear to make the best impression. 6 days ago A big part of getting a job is making a good first impression, and a big part of that is how you dress. Here's what not to wear on a job interview. Wowed your dream employer with a great resume and scored yourself an interview? It's time to knock their socks off in person and make a great first impression!.

Knowing what and what not to wear to an interview can be a real struggle for any job seeker. We've compiled some interview tips that should. Here are seven things not to wear on interview day. Preparing for a job interview is never easy. There are so many things to consider: Will I be able to answer all the questions? Will I say “like” too.

To help you get that second interview, we've listed the most egregious To help you get called back for round two, know what not to wear to an interview. Or maybe you want to know what not to wear; either way, the outfit you What you wear to an interview communicates who you are without. And for those thinking that what you wear to a job interview doesn't much wearing a casual outfit, but in the end regretted not wearing a suit.

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