What size arrow shaft

Arrow shaft length also must be matched to your bow. Drawing an arrow that's too short is dangerous because it may slip off the bow. In contrast, an arrow that is. Be advised that some archery retailers may be unaware of industry AMO standards and may confuse the AMO length of the arrow with the arrow's shaft length or. The shaft size is always referring to the diameter of the shaft, the wall thickness of the shaft and the distance that the arrow shaft will flex before it bends or breaks.

The UL shafts are also available for use in this spine selection, depending on your For practical purposes, we use arrow length above draw length. The thicker shaft wall design delivers the correct bowhunting spine sizes, but more arrow, and has since spread into other all-carbon and A/C Easton shafts. 1. Once you have determined your Correct Target Arrow Length and Calculated or Actual Peak. Bow Weight, you are ready to select your correct shaft size: 1.

Every arrow manufacturer has a spine-selection chart, so you know which shaft to choose for your draw weight and arrow length. (Some even. COMPOUND BOW. 1. Determine your correct arrow length per diagram on next page. 2. Determine correct peak bow weight (not holding weight) and draw. Arrow spine and arrow length will depend on the bow from which the arrow is . Make sure to size field points and broadheads to the shaft. calculation, may result in an incorrect shaft size selection. Easton recommends the use of a qualified pro shop to assist in correct arrow shaft selection.

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