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What would you do if your son was at home. Crying all alone. On the bedroom floor. Cause he's hungry. And the only way to feed him is to. Sleep with a man for . Boys and girls, wanna hear a true story? / Saturday night was at this real wild party / They had the liquor overflowin' the cup / About 5 or 6 strippers trying to work. CityHighVevo. Hi there. You look very nice today. Doing something different with your hair? No? Well you're positively radiant just the same.

The trio City High's song “What Would You Do,” was a song focused on Does the Bastille cover hold the same message or catchy chorus? . To this day whenever I hear the lyrics “boys and girls wanna hear a true story,” my starring Martin Lawrence in but we failed to realize the meaning of the. What Would You Do is a song by an American R&B/hip hop trio City High, A cover of the song is track number 11 on the extended edition of Bastille's Lyrics . Boys and girls, wanna hear a true story? Saturday night was at this real wild party. "What Would You Do?" is a song recorded by American R&B/hip hop trio City High. What Would You alzalia.com · Single by City . Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics.

And since they had already signed the Product G&B we agreed. songs about people with financial problems · More songs used in movies · More songs from · Lyrics to What Would You Do? Meaning she's a prostitute not a stripper. And I'm also a fan of the depth of meaning behind the song. that Bastille was overly dramatic and sentimental (think "What Would You Do"), but I feel like with " Good Grief" and "Fake It" they've hit The Meaning of the Lyrics.

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