Where is my mozilla search box

You can search the Web from the address bar or you can add a separate Search bar to Firefox. Learn more. Firefox makes it easy to search the Web, your bookmarks or history all in one field . You can even change your search settings to use your favorite search engine. the search bar has disappeared from my alzalia.com the info regarding the search bar refers to the one that is now MISSING! no info on how to.

A search engine icon will be added to the address bar. When you visit a. Search box disappeared from the Toolbar (I saw it go, but don't know what I did). In the customize box, there is only a "find" magnifying glass. I went to make a search and the box was gone. . The Refresh feature (called " Reset" in older Firefox versions) can fix many issues by.

Reinstalled pc today and so also firefox. Now the address bar is as wide as it can be, not showing the search bar. When I look in customize I. Hi, open the 3-bar menu > Customize, and if you can see it, simply drag it to the toolbar, then Exit Customize to save. If it isn't there, try clicking. When you say 'search bar': you're not talking about the search box next to the address bar, are you? Cause if you are, would you take a look. All of the sudden the search engine box has disappeared from my If you are enrolled in an experiment, the name of the extension that's.

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