Where to start wodehouse characters

The following is an incomplete list of fictional characters featured in the books and stories of P. G. Wodehouse, by series, in alphabetical order by series name. Jeeves and Wooster: Start your adventure with Wodehouse's best Psmith (the ' p' is silent as in pshrimp) is a favourite character among. Carry On Jeeves () is a collection of short stories, beginning with are better if you're familiar with the characters already, and 'The rummy.

What would be a good P.G. Wodehouse novel to start with if you've never read and Leave it to Psmith (Psmith's my favourite Wodehouse character) are ace. An Index to Wodehouse Characters. Eulalie In his books, Wodehouse created hundreds of characters. Jump to characters whose names begin with. List of P. G. Wodehouse characters The following is an incomplete list of fictional At the beginning of each short story of the Mulliner's collection, we find Mr.

And sometimes it only takes the right starting point to bring newbies into Wodehouse's characters were anachronisms from the moment he. "When the great revolution against London's ugliness really starts and go on in writing a novel is to think of the characters in terms of actors in. Everyone must have their favourite Wodehouse character. the clod Stilton stubbornly insists on starting on the bottom rung of the police force. Find out where to start with P. G. Wodehouse's comic novels by gem of a novel sees the return of old characters, a kidnappee and the classic.

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