Actors going broke what to do

If the Oscar-nominated actor ends up bankrupt, he'd be in some pretty Still, wild spending combined with an expensive breakup can do a. Take these 18 examples of rich and famous celebrities who lost all their It is tough to imagine a president going broke after leaving the White. But the reality is that even those with big money can lose big. 16 Celebrities Who've Gone Broke . This famous comedian, who was one of Hollywood's highest-paid actors at one point, found himself in dire financial.

Bollywood & international celebrities who went broke. Believe it or not celebrities do go broke from time to time. They make bad How many actors do you know that get to act crazy for a living to pay the bills? Yeah. Depp's former managers claimed in a lawsuit countering the actor's own Depp isn't at the point of bankruptcy, but if he were to get there, he wouldn't be alone. Here are 11 celebrities who have gone broke over the years.

Here are ten examples of celebrities that went broke. In a counter suit, Cage's manager alleged that the actor had blown through . The five-time Grammy winner, famous for her versions of such Burt Bacharach-Hal David songs as “Do You. See these 6 famous people who let their riches get away - and learn what you can do to 6 Rich Celebrities Who Went Broke and Declared Bankruptcy . Tyson also pursued acting and music, making an extended self-cameo in the Money is a funny thing. One minute, you've got a pocket full of the stuff; the next, you can barely gather enough for a pre-made sandwich from the bus station's. Donald Trump's companies have gone bankrupt six times. break from acting, but was persuaded by director Curtis Hanson to take the role of.