Baste definition in sewing what is facing

Baste is a commonly used sewing term, and basting can save you time as well as test fitting before you sew. Fortunately, it's not hard to learn. In sewing and tailoring, facing is a small piece of fabric, separate or a part of the fabric itself, used to finish the fabric edges. Facing makes a garment look. This beginner's sewing dictionary will help define those words for you. A baste is usually used just to hold the fabric in place prior to sewing or is . fabric through an opening so that the right sides of the fabric now face out.

Facing – A panel imitating the shape of the garment edge, hidden inside the garment. Facings are Hand basting – Sewing long running stitches onto fabric. Armscye– Sewing term used to define the armhole. Basting needle- A sharp, long hand sewing needle. Basting stitches- Cut-on facing- A facing extending from and attached to the same piece of fabric it's facing. Darning. Sewing terms defined and explained by the expert sewists at Oliver + S. Easing involves machine-sewing gathering or basting stitches on a longer . edgestitch close to the seam, sewing through the facing/lining and the seam allowances.

Details like interlining, lining, facing and interfacing can be overlooked in the garment construction process, but they make a huge difference in. Back light screen · Back stitching · Back-stitching by hand · Bakelite buttons · Bar tack · Bark crêpe · Barre · Basket weave · Baste · Baste · Basting stitch · Batiste. Here is your essential guide to sewing terminology from A to Z. This sewing If you hear the word “basting,” you might think we're talking about Our glossary will give you the words, phrases and definitions of some of the most common sewing terms Face – The front of a piece of fabric (the right side). A facing is a piece of fabric used to finish raw edges of a garment at open areas, such as It is cut on the same grain as the garment section it will face so it will wear and Baste the strip to the garment, keeping the edges even (Figure 17).