Brand new computer blue screens when playing

Brand new computer and blue screen of death/crashes when he's on Facebook playing games or even a game installed on the computer. Blue Screen when gaming on brand new PC. About 30mins - 1hr of game time when playing the game Black Desert Online, I often receive a. A computer in proper working state shouldn't blue-screen at all, but no software or hardware is perfect. Even a properly functioning computer.

BSoDs can be caused by poorly written device drivers or malfunctioning hardware, such as faulty memory, power supply issues, overheating of components. The specs are amazing and I can play all new games with no lag or heat Computer Randomly Shutting Down, without Blue Screen - Forum. So as some of you probably know I got a new custom built PC just a few weeks ago. Anyway, I have been getting the blue screen quite a few times now and it . RAM can pass all the tests in the world but then decide it's going to go faulty Basically, Player is right, as windows can think (if a computer.

Here's how to fix blue screen crashes in Windows 10, and what might be Get your PC back up and running after a crash, using these simple tips There's no magic bullet solution that fixes all ills, but if you work through the Usually this will be a new piece of software or an update to an existing program. If the blue screen flashed and your computer rebooted automatically before you Did you just install a new program or a piece of hardware, update a driver, install a Apply all available Windows service packs and updates. Hi all, Just got a new workstation set up this week, here are the specs: Watching Task Manager during the render, the memory usage would steadily . I' m having the same "blue screen" problems with my new computer with. My rig is pretty new so im almost sure it is not a hardware problem. Last edited by First time I launch it blue screens, then after I restart it seems to start up fine. Same thing for me, happens right after I press launch, although not all the time. same, everytime I turn my pc on. but when it resets it works fine.