Cheerleading injuries how many

common cheerleading injury (% of injuries), concussion rates were low, cheerleading injuries may be more severe when they do occur. Once considered a sideline activity, cheerleading is evolving into a more athletic and competitive sport for many schools. Unfortunately, while. Compared to other sports, the overall number of injuries is actually low. However, cheerleading injuries are often much more severe, making up percent of.

Many injuries in cheerleading can be prevented. Strength training and conditioning can help prevent injuries related to strains and sprains of the ankle, back. Mats should be used during practice sessions and as much as possible during competitions. Cheerleaders should not attempt a stunt if they are tired, injured. They are as much a part of growing up in America as blueberry pie and drive-in movies.

It's well known that many people consider cheerleading to be one of the most dangerous sports for female athletes thanks to well publicized reports on. If you do take a serious fall while cheerleading and suspect you may have a concussion (or any other injury) insist upon seeking medical. The information on cheerleading injuries to young women is alarming: ankles, damaged knees, strained backs and sometimes much worse. Statistics on catastrophic injuries and concussions in cheerleading. it that " agree[d] with many of the recommendations," and pointed to its.