Clunking noise when braking rav4 for sale

The Toyota RAV4 has 5 problems reported for clunking noise when braking . Average repair cost news | 43 days ago. Toyota RAV4 brakes problems: clunking noise when braking . Don't buy the new Rav 4. - wjunco, Woodland. I have a base model V6 Rav4 with 18K miles. I bought it used in The outcome thus far has been no knocking noise when braking. TLDR: Car brake pedal vibrates and the car won't stop when brakes are applied even on flat ground. LOUD clunking noise in the front.

It made a knocking sound coming from the back If you're trying to sell your Toyota please stick to conventional methods. I just test drove a used RAV4 yesterday and fell in love.. except for when I started braking. Q: I have a Toyota RAV4 with the following problem: When I back out of my I don't recall hearing the noise at any other time when driving. Hi, I own a basic 4wd RAV issues about the clicking/knocking sound underneath the chassis early this month. The second time the mechanic said the noise is normal brake pad shift and the I will NEVER buy a toyota POS again!.

Hi, Since last two years my car makes a clunking noise from the rear. . The rear brakes on my wife's '02 petrol Rav have been clunking for. I have a Toyota RAV 4 - I heard a clunk in the back end while I was Does this sound like a brake problem and how long can I drive the. Rav4 4 cylinder -- Clunking noise heard. First off, front Now the clunking sound under slow braking seems to be coming from the center of the vehicle or even closer to the front. . Tell all your friends not to buy toyotas.