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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Read All doctors x reader - 1 from the story Doctor who Imagines by zeinazeina ( Queen of Hell) with reads. martha, 10th, tyler. Request: 11 meets past re. A collection of 11th Doctor X reader inserts taking you through everywhere imaginable, from Gallifrey to the Heart Nebula to the ends of time itself. Also on h. .

Find and follow posts tagged doctor x reader on Tumblr. Allons-y!” The Doctor yelled, taking your hand and bolting in the opposite direction of the imminent detonation, but his hand slipped from. Of course, you could tell the time of places you visited and planets you explored. But insi You Need Sleep - 10th Doctor x Reader (Request).

You moaned into the pillow on the sofa, the library's moderate silence too quiet for you as you curled up into a tight ball. The pain in your stomach fluctuated. The Doctor was worried, you'd been avoiding him for what seemed like days, he could never tell in the Tardis, and when you were around you. It's been a year since you've decided to join the most amazing person in the universe on his wild journeys. The Doctor is the name of the. 'You're worthless' The Doctor spat, as he raised his hand yet again. You cowered down, trying to miss the blow. Unfortunately, you ducked.