Does time go faster when you sleep

Time flies when you're having fun - maybe that's why we like sleeping so much. After a night's sleep, you should definitely awake with a vague sense of how long you have been asleep and not a feeling of the time having gone by fast. Can't tell if trolling! Time does not pass any more swiftly - it ticks away as it ever did. But our perception of time only exists when we are awake.

My mum plays a few games with us to make the time pass faster. We listen to the radio for a while. Then I fall asleep. When I wake up it seems. Regarding this why when you sleep does time feel like it has gone faster. For example a typical nights sleep (8 hours) feels like 2 hours. This got me thinking: Does time really move slower in a dream? says, “I've always felt that my brain was working even faster than it can do in waking life. Because REM sleep, the dreaming state, occurs while your mind is.

It's not as if time passes faster, its just that you are not here to observe the unfolding of events that make you aware of "time". The classical way. It doesn't. You spend the REM part of your sleep dreaming. Sometimes dreams can seem much longer than the actual time you're sleeping. Persons in every age group wonder why time seems to move so much faster than .. Given that I sleep 8 hours a day, or 1/3 of the day means that I will sleep