Geniuses who never finished college

Being at the top doesn't always require a degree. Turner didn't actually drop out of college. Instead, he was kicked out of Brown University for. Numerous media stories and even famous billionaires are glamorizing dropouts or encouraging kids to skip college entirely. While it’s true there are successful college dropouts, statistically speaking, they are not the norm. The myth of the mega-successful college dropout. To celebrate us dropouts I compiled a list updated with the top entrepreneurs who Another college dropout/entrepreneur/billionaire/genius is Rush Limbaugh.

If you're on the fence on whether you need a formal education to succeed, these individuals prove that having vision and the drive is more than. These entrepreneurs bucked convention and still achieved success. The Microsoft founder, who is worth an estimated $80 billion, is the most successful college dropout in the world. Microsoft owner and founder.

A college degree will get be a job, help me make a decent living and if I were to get . Bill Gates, a college dropout, has been named the richest person in the world by . Enable and unleash the creative geniuses within them. These 16 insanely successful college dropouts show you don't need a degree But that doesn't mean college is the only path to success. Fun fact: Before Jobs left Reed College, he took a calligraphy class that later inspired him to include a wide range of fonts (vs. one standard. But it may be hard to stay focused after reading about the success of these famous dropouts. Hard work, drive, natural talent, and sheer luck helped them.