Geometry dash how to make moving objects

FeatureWorthy #CuratorReview #Tutorial Hello everybody, I'm new to the geometry dash amino, so hell. i am not a noob (cuz i beat almost all of the campain levels and many user made levels) i just need to know how to make moving platforms for. Easy and simple tutorial on how to make moving blocks with the new features ! YouTube™ Video: Geometry Dash - How to make moving.

Ok so this is kind of hard to explain, if this was dumb,look it up on youtube. 1. highlight the objects you want to move and click "edit group". Setup the move command (to make laser enemies put the lasers in a group, the lasers and the monsters in another group, setup the move command to move the . in the Geometry Dash level editor used to manipulate surrounding objects in Enabling this will make the trigger not activate at all (not even if the player goes.

This is how you make objects vanish or move. To make things transparent use the alpha tool. Keep in mind these objects can still be interacted.