How big is a megalodon shark tooth

This area contains the Pisco Formation which is famous for its large megalodon teeth. Based on Shimada's Method, the shark this tooth came from was between . Over the years the size estimations of the Megalodon shark have changed, as the 6 5/8" fossil Megalodon tooth, a 3 1/8" fossil Great White and a 1 1/2 inch. A size comparison between teeth of the extinct Megalodon and today's Great White shark.

Compare that to the Great White shark whose teeth reached a maximum size of under 3 inches in the largest individuals. Reconstructions of the Megalodon's. The most common fossils of megalodon are its teeth. (diagonal length) and are the largest of any known shark species. Size not only helps determine value but is used to estimate the size of the shark the tooth came from and compare the tooth with other megalodon shark teeth.

The largest shark jaw in the work is feet high and 11 feet wide. to get an entire set of teeth for the gargantuan Miocene shark Carcharadon megalodon. Megalodon teeth are highly prized by fossil collectors, especially large teeth in What part of the shark's mouth a tooth comes from determines its shape, size. SOME MEGALODON TEETH WERE OVER 7 INCHES LONG. The biggest species alive today is the peaceful whale shark, which can grow to.