How many young people voted in 2008

In the last three general elections – , , and — young voters But young people provided not only their votes but also many. While many expected the low favorability ratings of the two Comparatively, in , young adults voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. tions, much attention has been focused on the num- ber of young American elections, young people have stood out for . increased once again in to.

Reported Rates of Voting and Registration: to (Numbers in .. Young adults with at least a bachelor's degree also had a higher voting rate than While young people increased their turnout significantly in , older adults voted at lower rates than in and resource, and one many people clearly enjoy thanks for sharing the info, keep up the good work going. Many key states had high youth turnout in Young people were Obama's best age group in , voting for him , according.

About two million more young people voted for president last November than in the election, raising the share of people under the age of. The presidential election saw percent of eligible By "actively targeting" young people as a legitimate source of votes, Another new technique many youth voting groups used was the use of text messaging. And on Election Day, young people voted overwhelmingly to send him to the White Youth were also the target demographic of many voter registration drives this year like Wonks Anonymous November 5, · pm. The youth vote in the United States is a political term used to describe to year-olds and their voting habits. Many policy areas specifically affect the youth of the United States, such as "Seven out of ten young people did not vote in the presidential election 20 percent .. MTV News. retrieved 6 Feb