How to 4-way plait

I don't recall who first taught me to make this 4-strand braid. All I know is that I already knew how to make it when I went to learn to weave in Potosi. When I had . Oct 12, Try this super simple 4-strand braid. How-to diagram included. Sep 19, Be on-trend with a 4 strand braid! Get some inspiration from top hair stylists and learn how to master a flat, waterfall, Dutch four strand braid.

Apr 13, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to hair, so any style that appears to be more difficult than it actually is, is always a winner in my book. That's where. Thea, our beauty and trends expert shows you how in 4 easy steps! Keep on reading to find out how to do a four stranded braid! Step-by-Step: 1. Pull Hair to One. Kick your three-strand braid up a notch with a four-strand braid, of course! Don't worry; this Start the braid by crossing strand 4 over strand 3. They should now.