How to apply fake eyelashes properly displaying

A picture step-by-step guide on how to apply false lashes for your eye shape. Try these professional tips to make strip lash application so much. So, we asked expert makeup artists to spill their best lash application tips. Read on to learn how to apply false eyelashes like a pro, plus 13 tips. If you've spied a starlet wearing fake eyelashes on the red carpet, you Apply a liquid liner across the upper lash line to hide white adhesive and any glue.

Desirable: False eyelashes add instant glamour, and widen small, tired eyes to Karen Betts, founder of false lash company Blink & Go, says: 'Strip lashes .. Miley Cyrus displays her svelte frame in studded trench coat. The trick is to apply false eyelashes under your lash line instead of YouTube Leigh Dickson has posted a video showing exactly what to do. When it comes to tips for applying false lashes, THISWASFOREVER's Emily Chan offers a great suggestion for newbies: cut the lash into two.

They all rock the most amazing false eyelashes. of a thin eyeshadow brush into the glue and use it to apply a fine line onto the full lash strip. For help with STRIP or INDIVIDUAL LASHES, please visit our Frequently Asked LASH Questions Page. How To Apply FALSE EYELASHES tutorial.