How to catch mew in yellow walkthrough

The following is a walkthrough of the glitch in Pokémon Yellow version that allows you to catch Mew, without using Action Replay, Gameshark or other third party. Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video This Pokemon listing is for Mew, the last Pokemon in the first generation. in the game, and how to catch Mew in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. But what of Mew? The legendary Pokémon had players trying to push a hidden truck for years. Turns out you can catch Mew after all, be it in.

If you're trying to get Mew as early in the game as possible, you can use the following method to do so. You'll need a Pokémon with Teleport. While you can still get credit for filling your Pokédex without it, it's a great Pokémon that you to obtain the rarest Pokémon in Red/Blue/Yellow, Mew, without using a cheating device. . [Go to top]← Secrets | Mew glitch | Walkthrough →. How to Catch Mew in Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow. Yes, believe it or not, it can be done without a GameShark or other cheating device. Here's what you'll need to.

With the re-release of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow comes the chance One of the most infamous is the Mew glitch that allows you to catch.