How to cook kutsinta puto recipe

kuya, i made this kutsinta recipe, my husband (Canadian) really likes it. he named it red puto. i just need to make adjustment with my anato. Today, I used my puto mold and changed the measurement of the of the end product so you can always use or omit it in making this Kutsinta. Cuchinta is a traditional Filipino rice cake often paired with shaved coconut. To make bite-sized versions that the kids will definitely enjoy, use.

Kutsinta is often served with puto and is good with freshly grated coconut.” In a mixing bowl mix all the dry ingredients. Cooking Tips. I've been on the look out for a good recipe for kutsinta since forever but replied with the recipe and had me on my kutsinta-making project in. They are also both steamed, but puto is made from regular sweet rice If you need to make more kutsinta, triple the amount of this recipe to.

This kutsinta recipe requires both rice flour and glutinous rice flour. If you're thinking of making something for merienda, this would be a recipe worth trying. Puto Cheese (Steamed Rice Cake with Cheese), Mais con Yelo.