How to fill a vokera boiler

Dimensions. 3. Clearances. 3. Filling valve. 4. Getting started. Before switching on. 4. Appliance controls. 4. Lighting the boiler. 4. How to. Your Vokera Hydra boiler has been designed to meet and exceed the very latest standards in gas central Please take the time to fill out your guarantee. If you have a Linea and you are talking about the black 3 way tap under the boiler right hand side, then if you turn it to fill and nothing happens.

It's a Vokera Compact one, the pressure drops every few months or so There's a fill pipe hiding underneath the boiler almost concealed. Hi, there is a valve that says 'filling loop'. I moved it degrees so it was pointing down but flush with pipe which I believe is the 'filling loop'. A central heating filling loop is a pipe that connects central heating system to the The filling loop is not part of the boiler but will connect, and therefore be close.