How to fix blue smoke from exhaust

Blue smoke from exhaust is a big problem. For that reason, we discuss its causes and the step by step methods to diagnose and fix it in this. This creates a blue colored smoke which is passed down the exhaust system and then exits the car along with normal gases. A blue smoke. There you go, the next time you see blue smoke from exhaust should not always lead to concluding that the.

It can be a gut wrenching feeling to start your vehicle and find smoke spewing out of the exhaust pipe. For most, it leaves them feeling anxious and. Blue exhaust smoke is a common symptom of head gasket failure. With over 6 million bottles sold, K-Seal provides a permanent head gasket & coolant repair. The most common cause of blue exhaust smoke is oil leaking past engine seals and into the cylinders where it then mixes and burns with the.

My year-old car has started to blow blue smoke from the exhaust when help , but it's not likely, and if it does that will be a temporary fix too. Blue smoke coming from your engine is a warning sign you can't ignore. It's never a good sign and could indicate a problem with your engine, so the sooner you. Blue Smoke From Exhaust is caused by the Engine burning oil. How do you stop Blue This should be a simple fix and cheap as well. Look for a tube that.