How to read tire size in inches

Diameter: The Diameter of this tire size is 35 inches. The first number in a high flotation tire size is the overall diameter of the tire. Section Width: Learn how to read your tire size from Goodyear Auto Service experts. Learn more at Learn more about "How To Read A Tire Sidewall" and get the latest news in the size is the diameter of the wheel rim, which is most often measured in inches.

If it seems odd to you to spec tire width in millimeters and diameter in inches, it does to me, too. A few special-purpose tires, like PAX system. First we will look at how to read the tire size. For this example, we Wheel Diameter- “16”: This number indicates the wheel diameter in inches. Read on to learn how to crack the tire code with this handy guide dedicated to tire Tires with a rim diameter measured in inches are called "inch rim" sizes.

Determining the tire size for your vehicle is simple. HOW TO READ TIRE SIZE . The next number is the diameter code, in inches, of the rim onto which the tire . This measurement is also referred to as the tire's section width. Because many people think of measurements in inches, the mm can be converted to inches . A tire's dimensions can be determined by reading the markings on the sidewall. For this ZE tire, the section width is millimeters or inches.