How to reformat seagate for mac

Instructions for how to format your external drive so that it will be fully usable in MacOS. These steps can be used for both internal and external drives. Therfore, you can connect Backup Plus Desktop to a Windows PC without formatting the hard drive. However, NTFS is not fully compatible with Mac computers. A hard drive can be used on any type of computer - PC or Mac. But in order for the computer and drive to talk to one another, the drive has to be formatted.

To format an external hard drive on your Mac (paraphrased from here). Connect NOTE: This will erase everything currently on the hard drive!. This wikiHow teaches you how to format a Seagate Hard Drive on a Mac computer. You can format a drive using the Disk Utility in Mac. Before. In this post, I'm going to show you how to format your external drive for a When I connected the Seagate to my Mac, the drive icon showed up.

This paper shows how to format Seagate drive like Seagate external hard drive for Mac and PC using Diskpart utility and AOMEI Partition.