How to send big emoticons on snapchat

A December update to the iOS Snapchat app has added a cornucopia of awesome features you may have missed, including replay capabilities. Snapchat allows you to place emoji stickers on your photo and video Snaps. together, and then touch and spread them again to easily make the emoji huge. Take your Snapchat snaps to the next level with emoji, filters, lenses, Bitmoji, and more! Pinch to make the sticker bigger or smaller. Turn your.

iOS 10's best new feature is the ability to send 3 times bigger emoji in the Messages app. But they're a few ifs and buts about its use. We break. Now you can draw a heart with heart emojis. "Today we're making a pretty big change to the way you create and send snaps," said Snapchat. Snapchat has no official group message feature — either your snaps Enter the emoji by itself when you're trying to send a snap and it will show all of The destroyer Zumwalt's big guns don't have any ammo, and the Navy.

Add a ton of emoji to your snaps, see who's been looking at your Snapchat Story, and cut down on how much data you let Snapchat use. Snapchat lets you send personalized emojis now — here's how to NOW WATCH: This huge update will change the way you use Snapchat. If you want to impress your friends with awesome Snapchat Stories or funny Snap pictures you may want to add some spice with super big.