How to subscribe to facebook groups rss

Instantly connect Facebook Groups with RSS to automate your work - get started in minutes with pre-defined integrations or easily make your. I want that because I open facebook regularly via an Interest list, and facebook doesn't enable me to add a group to that interest list. UPDATE September 14th There is no public option to do that anymore. Only apps that get manually reviewed and approved by Facebook would be able .

I don't think you can do it with a group, but you can do it with a Facebook Page. Then just use the "Subscribe via RSS" link on the left side of the page, or follow. Send RSS Feed to Facebook Group. Facebook Groups have their own email address. Here's how to find out what yours is. Using, you can start auto-posting your RSS to Facebook groups in a minute or less. Three steps to start posting your blog to Facebook: 1) Go to and.

Are you against using WallFlux or you do not like the idea of using an 'external' service? WallFlux is running great, the only thing, something I do not like for sure . We can't generate RSS from most facebook user profiles or public groups. However companies, restaurants, shops or other public pages and some public. Automating your social media is an important part of any internet business. Many have asked me for help in this area. One of the most common.