How to take metal bearing shields off

Before cleaning bearings, remove the seals or shields for best results. Removable metal shields held in by a C-ring. Use the paper clip to pry the seal off. So for the longest time I have ridden my bearings with the shields on. When you take the shields off nothing collects, so for a time your bearings . If they're metal shielded, you're gonna have to pop the C-ring off, then the. I buy Bones Swiss and take the shields off immediately. . I could have bearings that play speed metal as I roll and flames shooting out my ass.

Does anyone have a good way to remove bearing shields in the field? I always hate It may take a few tries. Sometimes I have to drill a small hole in the steel shields and if I'm lucky the swarf can be kept out of the bearing. 3 kinds of bearing shields and seals: Rubber seal - easy to take off; Metal shield with c-ring - pop the c-ring; Full metal shield - not able to disassemble. Just use. Pry up to pop off the shield. Be careful not to damage your bearing shield. If you have a metal bearing shield, take a pin and pry out the C ring.

Are you sure you can't remove the shields? [–]faaaceLA, CA [on and off since ] 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago (0 children) search?q=remove+metal+shields+skateboard+bearings&espv=2&biw= just gets Tri-Flow lube sprayed on without even taking of the wheels.