How to tighten your e brake 240sx

t>yea i posted this question on a previous tread but it died before my question got answered so here it is my ebrake is at. Under the ebrake handle is a nut. It's a 10mm. Hold the ebrake button and tighten that nut. It add tension as well as lower the handle so it. been searching as im sure someone will have asked this question. im useless and a tard so need help to tighten my hand brake, tightened it.

ok so the other day i wanted to take my s13 out to drift, then when i attempted to use my Sounds like you need to adjust your ebrake cable?. AutoZone Repair Guide for your Brakes Parking Brake Cable(s) Adjust the parking brake cable. SX Front Cable. Remove the parking brake console Thread the front cable into the parking brake lever and start the adjusting nut by hand. ive seen most peoples s13 interior shots with their hand break higher Does this tighten the hand brake cable? or allow adjustments to the.

I recently completed the sx rear caliper upgrade and could not be If you adjust e-brake on the main lever/rod, you are going to reduce the.