How to use pre seed lubricant

A fertility-friendly lubricant can make a big difference. Pre-Seed is specially formulated so it won't limit or harm sperm and adds comfort. Try it today!. Try Pre-Seed™ Sperm-Friendly Lubricant if you are trying to get pregnant. Pre- Seed lubricant is fertility-friendly for couples trying to conceive. How to Use. Used in fertility clinics, formulated by doctors, backed by clinical research, and recommended by thousands of happy new parents, the multi-use tube of personal.

I use Preseed right before we BD. I think the directions say to use it no more that 15 mins. before. I've never heard of using it other times, but I. Calling ladies who have had success with preseed. Did you apply it to your dh/ bf etc or did you use the little applicators for yourself? Im thinking if it goes on. We are out of stock of Pre-Seed. We would highly recommend our BabyDance Fertility Lubricant instead – it's a sperm-friendly lubricant that is made without.

PRE-SEEDTM Fertility Friendly personal lubricant can make all the formula is clinically shown to be safe for use when trying to conceive. Pre-Seed - the right solution for vaginal dryness Pre-Seed is the first "sperm- friendly" vaginal lubricant that mimics natural body secretions Pre-Seed has been fully Many doctors and clinics use our pregnancy tests anyway, in which case. I usually use the applicator as soon as I get in bed, then hubby uses it by hand as a lubricant. (pre-seed) The package recommends 3, but I.