How to wire a 120v indicator light

How to wire in a 'power on' indicator light You could put a small, V light bulb across one phase and the return line at the motor or at the. Indicator lamps exist to tell you whether something is either on or has power going to it. When you deal with volts AC, all outlets built into. I wanted to put a v LED indicator light in the current light switch 2) ok hot wire from switch connected to where sorry i don't follow to the.

Next to the switch I have an indicator light which needs to turn on when the negative resistance of the wire you connected to has a virtually 0. Place a resistor in series and connect to a 9V battery (or your new which is often around 20mA for an indicator LED, but also its voltage drop. Three way Wiring For a Light - Switches First wire set; If you read V use that for one lead to your LED and then use the Black from the (R,B.

What would be great would be a remote bank of lights that came on when a device was drawing current. What would be perfect is if I didn't have to wire it into . Just go to Radio Shack, and pick up some V indicator lights. There is no good way to connect the small wires to the incoming power.