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when pigs fly. Variants. pigs might fly; flying pig. Meaning | Synonyms. something that will never happen; impossible; highly unlikely to happen. "When pigs fly" is an adynaton, a way of saying that something will never happen. The phrase is often used for humorous effect, to scoff. When pigs fly?, Now that just doesn't make sense. When did pigs grow wings? Yet, to a native English speaker, it makes total sense. The phrase when p.

What's the meaning and origin of the phrase 'Pigs might fly / When pigs fly'? ' cows might fly' etc., but it is pigs have stood the test of time as the favoured image . Idiom:"When pigs fly" Meaning: Something that will never happen. Fly, print by L Risor." When Pigs Fly by on @DeviantArt Pig Images. All Ears, if you're "all ears", you wait eagerly to listen to something. Example: "Tell me what happened, I'm all ears." Image from worthcom by diechelle.

Let's take a look at six interesting English idioms and find out what they really mean: when pigs fly, get in someone's hair, hit the ceiling and more!. Definition of when pigs fly in the Idioms Dictionary. when pigs fly phrase. Photo: In ``Howard Crabtree's When Pigs Fly,'' Christopher Carothers, left, and Loren. When Pigs Fly idiom meaning. Content Type: Idiom · when pigs fly meaning. “ When pigs fly” idiom – – Your ultimate vocabulary source.