Images de groups no whatsapp pic

When a member of a WhatsApp group change the profile picture would others know? 5:you can now add new image but keep in mind the resolution of the pic . For sure, we all have even a single WhatsApp Group in our WhatsApp from above then tap on the selected WhatsApp group icon or image. WhatsApp no longer caches/stores the viewed profile pictures under /sdcard/ WhatsApp/Profile Pictures/ directory, due many reasons, like this.. Now, it's stored .

Before you send out photos and videos on WhatsApp, you can make This can be found by going to the Group Info or Contact Info of a chat by. The WhatsApp icon downloaded on a smartphone (Photo by Jaap Last month, WhatsApp also added four other features for Groups. Go to the group in WhatsApp, then tap the subject of the group. Choose to use your Gallery, Camera or Search Web for a new image or you can Remove icon.

WHATSAPP lets users send text messages, pictures, video and PDF files via its These can be forwarded within the app to other chat groups, or friends. Here's how to forward your messages in WhatsApp on iOS and Android.