Limp wristing when shooting

Limp wristing is a phenomenon commonly encountered by semi-automatic pistol shooters, where the shooter's grip is not firm enough and the wrist is not held. Learn what is limp wrist shooting, why it happens, and several techniques Limp wristing gets a bad rep since it's not just the wrist that is doing. "Limp-wristing" means that the shooter doesn't hold the pistol firmly. As a result, some of the force needed to operate the semi-auto function of.

One of the most common complaints among men and women who shoot a semi- automatic pistol for the first time is the jamming. The first round may shoot fine. Limp wristing as it's called usually refers to a less than ideal grip on a other day and one of the guns we were shooting was my Sigma 9mm. It's important to have a firm grip when shooting a semi-auto pistol so it cycles correctly, and that's not some macho thing—it's a matter of physics.

She had a great time, but I could not get her to stop limp-wristing. The gun would literally jam almost every shot. It would FTF and FTE. Before. "limp wristing" the gun. When a shooter has a weak or loose grip on the semi- automatic handgun, it usually results in the firearm not cycling properly, causing the.