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Lyrics & Chords of What You Mean by Marcello-vestry, K times played by Great guitar solos Contribute to Marcello-vestry - What You Mean Lyrics. What U Mean Lyrics: What you mean you ain't nasty / Why the fuck you came / Why the fuck you came / Why, Why the fuck you came / What you. Marcello - Vestry is a collaboration album that is on par with Allen - Lande's The Battle. songs, Vestry sings with much conviction and puts meaning behind the sometimes blushingly cliché lyrics. Live Life is a great song.

Marcello Vestry is another slice of glorious classic melodic rock, with the finest traditions of this genre firmly And a big rock song if you know what I mean. 'What You Mean' is a thorough power ballad, pure and simple. Mr. Vestry nails it completely. For purely shabby lyrics full of innuendo but great music listen for. Rob Marcello should be well known to melodic rock aficionados out there, Vestry puts in a great vocal performance and I can't believe he's only just come Next up is standout track 'All I Wanna Do Is You', a total D2 clone in the lyric ' What You Mean' is the sentimental ballad, the vocals seemingly floating on the music.

LINEUP: Rob Marcello - guitars, keyboards * Frank Vestry - vocals Do Is U * 04 Gone * 05 Without You * 06 Live Life * 07 What You Mean * 08 First heard on Myspace, the lyrics are very clever, integrating band names and situations. idol -dom and talentless artists, that would be a great thing, surely?. 7 What You Mean Frank Vestry is a great vocalist, Rob Marcello has impressively fast fingers and the production is very polished and professional, Similar chord progressions and similar lyrics stop any song from really standing out. The debut MARCELLO-VESTRY album is a fun, throwback-sounding hard rock release. come off any DANGER DANGER album with its cock-rock influenced lyrics. before it's a mid-paced song with a great hook and super melodic singing. The ballad of the album is “What You Mean” and the song is in your typical. have kept up. There more to come, with very hard solos from now on. S Marcello Vestry - One more night (cover) . Great work:D.