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Although there are many over-the-counter scalp treatments for itchy or flaky Wet your hair thoroughly, and spread the mayonnaise mixture onto your scalp. Damaged hair requires extra care to rebuild strength, stop breakage and regain much-needed moisture. In addition to saving money, homemade hair protein treatments are simple to use and are typically made of natural, healthy ingredients. An excellent natural homemade protein. Hard water, sun and chlorine leave hair brittle, and those who color their hair frequently also experience damage. Spray hair and scalp with conditioner or a sun.

Skip those expensive, store-bought hair masks and opt for something simple and homemade. An egg and mayonnaise mask can help restore moisture and. Mayonnaise hair treatments were popular in the s as a cheap, effective way to deeply condition the hair. During the s a return to homespun remedies. Recipe for Egg, Olive Oil and Mayo Hair Treatment |

Recipe for Egg, Olive Oil and Mayo Hair Treatment. TricksFizzy HairBeauty TipsCurly Frizzy HairBeauty SecretsDupes. More information. Saved by. eHow. We have published hundreds of curly hair recipes on NaturallyCurly, but to this day the most popular treatment of all time is: the mayonnaise.