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When Luke arrives for his first day at Bremin High all appears to be tiresomely ordinary, but he is proved very wrong when he and classmates Jesse, Nicco and Heath find themselves in a terrifying empty wasteland – that once was their home town of Bremin. Meet the new gang from. Nowhere Boys has returned for series 3! It doesn't take long for things get mysterious for Heath, Nicco, Jesse and Luke. What do you think will happen in the new. This is the place to chat to other Nowhere Boys fans, gossip about the show and guess what the series may bring for getting here. This is the next clue I'm writing to CBBC about my idea to make apps for all of the Fan Clubs. CBBC · CBBC iPlayer · Newsround · Bitesize · Own It · CBeebies · CBBC on TV · CBBC Help.

Nowhere Boys is back with a brand new series and a brand new group of teenagers discovering the magical world. We caught up with them to ask them your. Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows picks up a year after the boys crossed have and I also hope they buy the next series of nowhere boys, it is a great film!. Tegan's looking for a magic book and when the boys don't give it to her, things Catch Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows on the CBBC channel at am.

Get ready for the new series of Nowhere Boys by meeting the new cast, as well as the first ever Nowhere Girl!. A decision needs to be made whether the group return to the empty world to rescue the original Ben, but before they get a chance to, they are betrayed. With Bremin completely empty and looking like it's been deserted, Nicco and Luke both head home to see if they can find out what has happened, and why some.