Piano backcheck removal tool how to

A useful tool that fits over the backcheck for either regulation or removal. /2" long. Designed to be used with any of our combination tool handles which are. Adjusting the backchecks can be done easily with this tool. Quality A back check and bridle wire bending tool. Piano Backcheck Regulating/Removing Tool. April 27, by masterpiano Use your drill press and your back check “ remover” tool to press the checks into the holes (see photo2).

piano backcheck removal tool how to Mar 27, One of the steps in the regulation process for vertical pianos is to adjust the backchecks so the hammers . Back Check Remover Blade, quality tools since to prepare for installation of new backchecks with wires. Hold key in bench vise . Place slotted wedge around backcheck wire. This will align the tool to pull the.