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RIPE Database. Query the RIPE Database; Full Text Search; Syncupdates; Create an Object Login to create. RIPE Database Software Version The RIPE NCC is one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) providing Internet resource allocations, registration services and coordination activities that . The RIPE Database stores all information in records known as objects. These are blocks of text in a standard notation defined in the Routing.

RIPE's WHOIS service gives contact and registration information for IP addresses , autonomous system numbers (ASN), organizations or customers that are. Whois Lookup for any mass or automated inquiries (for any intent other than the registration or modification of a domain name) are strictly forbidden . The RIPE Database is subject to Terms and Conditions. % See net/db/support/ % Information related to '

WHOIS Lookup on IP address "" returned the following information: at Ref: Contribute to RIPE-NCC/whois development by creating an account on GitHub. Offers the well-known whois search via a rest-like interface. . xlink:href="http://"/>. Réseaux IP Européens is a forum open to all parties with an interest in the technical RIPE Meetings are open to anyone, although registration is required. The RIPE community has formed a number of RIPE Working Groups to deal with various. Lookup IP WHOIS information using the IP WHOIS Lookup tool. Find the assigned owner, location, contact information, and abuse reporting Centre ( RIPE NCC) - Administers IP addresses for Europe, the Middle East, and the former USSR.