Swarm simulator when to ascend in clicker

Once your swarm reaches a certain level of advancement you can choose to ascend (at Hatchery level 40 or Ascending sends a small amount of larvae to a new world to start anew. Cookie Monster (JavaScript Add-on) Cookie Clicker Wiki. I have m mutagen and Ascension would cost 35k energy. In Cookie Clicker (one of the most well known idle games) there's Heavenly Chips. In Swarm Sim you earn mutagen and that mutagen is completely unusable. i has been playing like 4 days, and have k mutagens, but i don't know if i should ascend when i get the energy for it what do you think?.

Swarm Simulator: Bugs make the world go 'round in this creepy crawly incremental idle game. All you have in the beginning are piles of. It's like cookie clicker, but less active. Ascending now will cost million more than your max energy! .. Swarm simulator for Android. Swarm Simulator brings the strategic incremental idle clicker gameplay of the units for the greater ascension of the colony and manage your swarm toward its.

energy's a big part of the game, and we want people to spend it, not hoard it. max energy's one way we encourage this today. near the end of. Idle Incremental Clickers: click here, then wait 5 minutes to unlock post 1. http:// alzalia.com swarm-simulator. x Meat is Money, you'll .. how the hell do I ascend in Swarm sim? I'm probably.