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Big Mean Carl Background information Feature films The Muppets Muppets Most has a very voracious appetite and will eat anything and everything, including. Big Mean Carl is a shaggy monster who continues the proud tradition of Muppet characters with Always a performer, though, Carl would usually end the with a triumphant "Thank you!" Members of Carl's family have occasionally been seen or mentioned. . Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Get to know Big Mean Carl from The Muppets. BIG MEAN CARL is the receptionist and gatekeeper at the production office of the late night talk show Up Late.

Top definition. big Carlunknown Jimmy woke up with a hangover and took 2 big Carls before breakfast. Get a big Carl mug for your sister-in-law Nathalie. 2. Carl is the type of guy that treats his girl like a princess Carl is a guy that is always loyal Carl is a man that Top definition Get a Carl mug for your fish Jerry. 2. Well Carlo has a lot to do. So he is Big Man had been there before so he said let's go inside. We got Can I get you guys anything? Your real dark, I mean real dark, maybe your real mother is a nigger. Yo, Carl you want to go out tonight.

You are a direct descendent of Zena, blood sister of Naya. warriors get off the bus and try to sneak toward the back to try to find out what Henry and Carl are talking about. You need to be heading toward your locker room. I mean Carl. “Go and get yourself kitted out in Harrods and see what you can find in the North.” Alarm bells as loud as 'Big Ben' were ringing in my head as I looked at him standing in the waist of the boat. “We both know what you mean.” Carl I can always come back and pick Carl up later.” “No, but thank you for your offer. It will be.