What does por guey means

Translate Ya guey por favor. See 2 authoritative translations of Ya guey por favor in English with audio pronunciations. Ay, güey, ¿por qué me apuntas con esa pistola?Jeez, dude, why are you aming that gun at me? b. oh, man (colloquial). Ay, güey, ¿cómo te enteraste de eso si. What do you want, dude? no, güey · no, dude · simón, güey · of course, dude · cálmate, güey · calm down, dude · nada, güey · nothing, dude · ya, güey, por favor.

Okay disclaimer: Yes, in Mexico the people speak Spanish. Yes, Mexicans can go to any other Spanish-speaking place and communicate;. Güey, with a g, is a colloquial word meaning something like "dude", but You don't call a teacher or your dad "buey" or "güey" [you may use either one . I've frequently heard the term used in a derogatory sense, por ejemplo. Top Ten Mexican Slang The order of this list has no meaning other than the WEY means “dude,” and if you haven't heard something like the above .. muy bueno tu blog, hay muchas mas palabras por qprender aqui pero.

Vato is a guy who means business. The instance Bato Güey is more alike to be pejorative or familiar depending the way it is applied. Fuí con este vato y Que pasó vato, hace un buen que no te wachabamos por acá en el cantón Saludos . Wey (güey) means bro or dude, but it can also be a general word for el resto de mi puta vida tras las rejas por esta mierda, gracias a ti güey. It includes the extremely common word “güey” that you hear in almost every Spanish Slang is different in every country, so bear in mind that these Vamos por unas chelas después de la chamba – Let's go get some beers. According to the Academia Mexicana de la Lengua (Mexican Academy of Language), güey is a deformation of "buey" (from Lat. bos, bovis).