What does set it off mean

To do summin crazy. This can be anything from a practical joke to even robbing a bank. Usually done in groups. {We gon' set it off} but an indivual can do it. Set It Off is an American rock band based in Tampa, Florida The band has gained a large following through vocalist Cody Carson's YouTube Channel Set it Off. When do you feel like Set it Off really blew up as a band? I'm a very harsh self- critic so I don't think we will have 'blown up' as a band until we.

In figurative language you can "set off a firestorm" when you do something shocking in public that causes a lot of controversy. "When the. After their set, Set It Off front man, Cody Carson, sat down with Music Existence to discuss the .. ME: So then what does “Duality” mean to you?. What does Skillet's song Set It Off mean? We have the answer.

Equal Vision Records - Set It Off - Swan Song Knowing that Dan plays the trumpet as well as he does, I decided to insert a challenging horn. For their follow-up to 's Cinematics, Florida's Set It Off have unleashed "I mean one thing that has always really pissed me off about my life is really, On the record, which track do you feel most at home with and why?. Duality Lyrics: I can't quite contain or explain my evil ways / Or explain why I'm not sane / All I can say is this is your warning / I can't quite. Set It Off” is advertised as a thriller about four black womenwho rob banks. After some false starts, they actually do rob a bank, hesitating.