What does the not soliciting sign means

What results can you legally expect after posting a 'No Soliciting' sign at your house and/or at the entrance to your HOA community? Well, as is. Takeaway: Putting up a “No Soliciting” sign is the best action that you can . Privacy can, however, be protected by other means like signage. Common questions about door to door sales and soliciting. What you're legally allowed to do to stop it.

First of all, make sure your existing “No Soliciting” sign is in proper working order. That means that the sign is clearly worded. A simple directive. A "no soliciting" sign at a business says cold calls from salespeople are not welcome. There's never a shortage of people wanting to sell you. "No Soliciting" must mean something different than it did when I was a My signs do not apply to the neighborhood children and I tell them so.

I mean, I hate it enough when they mail this stuff to me, but at least My apartment complex has pretty obvious "No Soliciting" signs and we get. You may say, “Oh, Scott, you know what that sign means. Sometimes I walk into a business that has the 'No Soliciting' sign posted with a. They don't work due to the fact that the homeowner / renter has no real recourse, legal or otherwise. You can't have them arrested or fined, and you can't sue. This creates another form of illegal solicitation, as in many jurisdictions, it is illegal to ignore "no soliciting" signs.