What inventions were made in mexico

Mexican inventions and discoveries are objects, processes or techniques invented or discovered, partially or entirely, by a person from Mexico. These also . An invention by Guillermo González Camarena. . Mexican engineer Mauricio Porras invented a fast and economical system of jetties, piers. Did you know that a Mexican invented the first pill? Or that chocolate isn't from Belgium? Here are some more things Mexico gave the world.

Tortilla Machine Of course Mexican invented tortillas, but for Fausto Celorio that was not enough, he wanted to make life easier, so he invented. You're welcome, world! Here are the items you have Mexico to be grateful for. From color television or the contraceptive pill to tortilla making machines. These are some of the most significant inventions created in Mexico in.

Has it ever happened to you, that you are using an object and thought “who invented this?” Well if you are curious like me, this might be a familiar situation for . The iconic salad was invented in when Caesar Cardini, a restaurant owner in Tijuana, ran low on food to feed his hungry patrons. Learn more about useful products made in Mexico. During prohibition, the Italian immigrant Caesar Cardini invented the Caesar Salad.